Great Seal course Ireland 2017

Date: April 21, 2017 to April 23, 2017



stupa eyes

The Great Seal, Mahamudra in Sanskrit and Chag Chen in Tibetan, was taught by the Buddha to fully awaken mind’s potential and to seal its enlightened nature. Whoever rests in the radiance of the mirror while enjoying its images, and recognizes the indestructibility of the ocean beneath the play of the waves, has reached this goal. This state, also called En­light­en­ment, brings forth un­con­di­tioned fear­less­ness, joy, and ac­tive com­pas­sion. The path there is a steadily increasing experience of richness and bliss, which enlightenment makes permanent. Enlightenment is the full development of all qualities and abilities of beings, including the indispensable faculty of reason and it already begins to manifest in short and weakened forms during the moments when no habits or expectations distract the mind.

The critical view thus developed, sharpens the understanding of the teachings, which again bestows a mature overview of the world and the ability to handle daily situations. Every development in Buddhism starts from a critical analysis of the present conditions. This allows one to understand, in an unshakable way, that the present moment offers the most precious and amazingly rare conditions, and that one can actually steer one’s life consciously towards liberation and enlightenment.


Day 3 (Upper Killarney lake-valley)

This is the third Great Seal Course with Lama Ole to be held in Ireland and will take place in Killarney, in County Kerry. Located in the southwest of Ireland, the town is the gateway to a region of diverse land and seascapes, world famous for its beauty. It is a vibrant town surrounded by beautiful Kerry Mountains and lakes.

Course Venue


The course will take place in a gompa tent (marquee) with the capacity for 750 people. Located on the grounds of the Killarney Racecourse & Ross Golf Course the venue has amazing views of Killarney National Park, Ross Castle, the Lakes of Killarney and the McGuillycuddy Reeks. The racecourse is located about 15 min walk from Killarney town centre, with ample parking and easy access to shops, bars and restaurants.


Killarney Racecourse & Ross Golf Course 
Ross road 
Co. Kerry

Please note that the course will take place in a tent (marquee). Due to the unpredictability of the weather we advise to take warm clothes, blankets and raincoats.



Updates coming up soon!

Friday 21st April

8.00 pm: Opening Lecture with Lama Ole

Saturday 22nd April

Morning Time (TBC): Ngondro Teachings, Questions & Answers with Traveling Teachers

3.00 pm: Lecture with Lama Ole

Evening Time (TBC): Lectures, Questions & Answers with Traveling Teachers

Sunday 23rd April

12.00 am / 1.00 pm : Lecture, Meditation & Blessing with Lama Ole

(Course Ends)



The price package includes all lectures, 4 meals* and party ticket

180 per person

*Meals include dinner on Fri 21st, lunch and dinner on Sat 22nd and lunch on Sun 23rd.

Meal Times:

Friday Dinner - 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday Lunch - 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Saturday Dinner - 6pm - 8pm

Sunday Lunch - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

NB: There is only one price option available, which includes meals and party ticket.



There is a variety of options for finding accommodation in Killarney including budget accommodation/hostels, guesthouses and hotels. Please refer to the link below for options and rates. The selection of accommodation listed is not exhaustive and will be regularly updated.

NB: We advise prompt booking as all rates and availability are secured only until the end of December. Following registration you will receive a reference phrase, which will allow you to avail of the special rates.

Open this document for  Accommodation in Killarney

Alternatively, if you need to book accommodation prior to registration please contact us at


Dear Friends,

We are really looking forward to your arrival for the 2017 Mahamudra in the beautiful Killarney.
As we are a small sangha and there is so much to do during the course we will need your help.

If you have surplus and would like to help during the course with some easy 'good karma tasks' we would be very grateful.
Please email us at the following address if you can help:

Thank You and see you soon!

Exploring Killarney

There will be an opportunity to join guided tours exploring the area of Killarney, which will take place before and during the course. If you would like to find out more, download Explore Killarney


In the area of Killarney April is usually one of the most beautiful times of the year. However, the weather can change, sometimes offering 4 seasons in one day! It is usually sunny and bright with occasional showers and gorgeous rainbows.

Ireland's weather is temperate and mild and the average temperature for the month of April is 9°C (49°F) - with lows of 6° and highs of 12°. 

For friends intending to get out into the landscape, appropriate clothing including rain/wind proff jackets and pants, and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.




Killarney can be easily accessed via frequent train and bus services from all major Irish cities. Car hire is available at all airports.

From Dublin:

By car:

Exit Dublin on the N7, merge on to the M7 and then take the N21 towards Limerick and Killarney. At Castle Island take the N23, then  merge on to the N22 at Farranfore. The journey takes approximately 3 h40min (314 km) (Please refer to google maps for more precise details).

By bus:

There is a direct bus service from Dublin Airport to Killarney (Lewis Road Bus Park- about 2km from the venue). Please see the link below for times and fares.

By train:

Trains to Killarney run from Heuston Station in Dublin City Centre. Bus route 747 operates directly b/w the airport and the train station. For timetables see: 

You can purchase train tickets online at:

From Cork

By Car:

The journey takes approximately 1.20min (85.4km) via N22

By bus:

Cork Airport is located approximately 6km from the bus station. The bus 226A runs between the airport and the bus station, approximately every 60 min.

The intercity connections b/w Cork and Killarney run from Parnell Place (bus station) to Killarney bus station. The operating line is 40 Rosslare-Tralee. See below for times:

By train:

Trains to Killarney operate from the Cork Kent Train Station. Tickets can be booked online at The journey takes approximately 1h 30mins.

From Kerry:

By car:

Kerry Airport is located approximately 17 km from Killarney. The journey via N22 takes 20 min.

By bus:

Direct bus link operates b/w Kerry Airport and Killarney. For timetables please see:

By train:

The train runs from Farranfore Train Station to Killarney Bus Station every 2 hours. The journey takes 30 min.

For more information and tickets go to:






For additional information, please contact us at

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